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Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I was at a series of seminars for work today, and in the last one, new technology was discussed, and suddenly it was like a scene from a sci-fi convention with people talking about virtual reality, augmented reality, having a computer in your glasses, and all this wild stuff, but not in a "what if" context, but in a "this is what is happening now" context.

And of course, I'm casually sitting there playing drums in my head.

Which made me think, is drumming about to become old fashion?

We already have protools and the like that can take a bad drum performance and move notes around to make it sound "good". But as now, it usually takes someone who knows that they're doing.

How long until it's just an iphone style app that just it for you?

And we already see ads on TV for smart phones that let you instantly photo shop style multiple photos together to make one seamless "perfect" photo.

So how long until you don't have to play a drums well, you just set up the video camera of yourself, record your video of you playing drums, run it through an app, and it autocorrects both the audio and video so every post to youtube is perfect? So that every drum cover appears to be a flawless rendition of the original, even if it was actually sloppy as hell?

Sound absolutely bats**t crazy, but so does 90% of new technology that is coming out.

Which only lead me to wonder, why do we pay thousands of dollars for a nice round wood drums, when a app that costs a fraction of that can make the same sound?

The same can be said for any instrument including guitars and even vocals thanks to auto-tuning.

I honestly think that a performance with a big kit will never go out of style (at least not any time soon) because of the same reason a guitarist doesn't play guitar on his iPad or why a pianist doesn't use MorphWiz exclusively, during a performance or in the studio, the real thing creates an atmosphere and vibe that can't be replicated by computer (easily), but I think this is especially true for live performances where stage presence accounts for much more than people think.
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