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Default Re: Starting Acoustic Guitar - Over(freaking)whelmed

I took to drums very naturally. I had a red hot determination to learn them too. Never have I had that much determination to get over the learning curve with anything. The focus was immense. Where the hell has that gone? Getting married, having kids, working a regular job too...probably plays a role.

I deleted that part about having a good natural ear for music. Don't wanna sound cocky. I'm a humble cat. Just want to pick some brains on here.

Getting a guitar stand was surprisingly a great purchase. Probably pick up the guitar 10-20 times more per day than if it were to be sitting in a closet or on a bed in a guest room. Nice to have it staring at you in the face.

Theory is going to be a hard one for me to grasp. I can hear the differences but understanding the nuts and bolts behind it and breaking it down will be a challenge for my stupid brain. I'm such a visual and big picture thinker.
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