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Default Re: Starting Acoustic Guitar - Over(freaking)whelmed

Originally Posted by Seasonedpro View Post
I just picked up a seagull s6 and want to learn guitar. Youtube is an amazing resource but I am very overwhelmed with the shear amount of videos. It's a nightmare for someone with ADD!!! My plan is to start some lessons with an instructor this summer but I really wanted to give teaching myself a try for a little while.

Are there any videos, online programs or books that you would recommend? Maybe even a youtube channel?

Anyone recommend a lesson plan/guide to help keep it all organized? It's too easy to get sidetracked and noodle around on a song you know in the back of your head that you are not yet equipped to play.
how long did it take for you to feel comfortable on drums ? i would suggest that that is the same amount of time you should give yourself to feel comfortable on guitar.

noodling is exactly how it begins. if you continue playing the noodling will get better. in time, you will have a complete picture of the fretboard and how lines weave themselves through chords. your theory knowledge will allow you to understand why some notes work well with a given chord (melody / harmony) and some do not (dissonance).

scales are the rudiments of note playing. pick a few and play them. it will allow you to exercise your fingers in preparation for actually knowing what to do with them.

get a chord book. try to play every chord you can cleanly. just keep doing it. sooner or later you will know what to do with them. you may actually see what you want to do with them before you can physically play them cleanly. do not fear. just as with your drums, keep going and the gaps in your knowledge will fill themselves in.

they key is Don't Stop playing. if you don't stop, you will get there.

also talk shop with other guitarists. share notes. pontificate.

same as drums.

see also:
Pull Off's

take a few years to sort through which string brands / string gauges / and picks you like. consider fingerpicks / flat picks or no picks. consider flat picks-or-thumb picks and fingers together. try a slide or two. see if you like brass chrome or glass. store bought or coriciden bottle.

tunings: today's players play in a multitude of various tunings. some made up personal tunings, some standard E tuned down to D C even B. there's standard tuning with only the E string tuned down to D (Dropped D). there's open tunings that are good for slide (A, G, E). there's the aforementioned DADGAD. i would start with standard tuning and experiment with others as you see fit.

and yes indeed....have fun.
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