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Default Re: Starting Acoustic Guitar - Over(freaking)whelmed

BacteriumFendYoke gave good advice.
You need a start. And believe me - those chords are a good start! Many never take it any further than that. But take the time to get familiar with them. And from some moment try to understand those chords and that the basic chords are simply constructed by (note steps in relation to the key note) 1 (prime), 3 (third), 5 (fifth), plus the same notes appearing 1 octave above/below that, depending on the specific voicing (=choice of where/how exactly to fret those notes on the neck - which position, which strings).

Very beneficial to learn the notes on the fretboard, at least in the lower 5 frets, on every string.

There's another way to go which would be pure fun - check out alternative/open tunings. I did so and was instantly hooked - DADGAD is _the_ acoustic guitar tuning for me. I'm using a couple more but that one is unbelievably nice. You'll come up with original ideas at the spot. There's tons more tunings but I've just explored about 4-5 of them which got me started to create a bunch of originals. On the acoustic guitar I _never_ use the standard tuning - too boring, too limiting (but... on the acoustic gtr. I'm usually playing original stuff - now if I had to play the ac. gtr. in a band I guess I'd have to stick to standard tuning most of the time). But you should be familiar with the standard tuning to play with others or in order to learn existing songs (unless they're played in alternative tunings of course).

DADGAD would be standard tuning but dropping 3 strings a whole note.
Those downtuned strings would be: E1 (the low E string/lowest string on the instrument), b5 (second highest string) and e6 (highest string).

You can get an idea of that tuning by looking it up on YouTube.
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