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Default Re: Starting Acoustic Guitar - Over(freaking)whelmed

Seagull make lovely guitars. I'm very fond of their necks, slightly shallower and wider than usual, I recall.

You're best off learning the open chords, then the minor variations on those chords. Teaching yourself barre chords won't do you any harm either, so learn A,B,C,D,E,F and G, then the minor variants. The B shape requires you to barre (there is another variant, but barre early and barre often!) and then you'll be equipped to learn the incidental chords as well - like F#, etc. Learn the note positions and how they relate.

With the chords, start with some basic scales. There are lots of different ways of playing the same scale but usually, it's best to learn them in one position. Learn a major scale pattern (in the first and second position) then the minor scales (there are two, harmonic and melodic, which have differences on the descending part of the scale). Most other scales are variants of those, so you'll be well-equipped from there.
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