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Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
Are you playing electronic drums still or acoustic. There was a thread on here a long time ago about wether or not rock band was really drumming. I was on the side of it IS really drumming. thats cool you were able to transition from that. I have the black cat 3 cymbal pack for my rock band drum kit. my rank....not enough time to type all the digits.
I'm playing on an acoustic kit and my Rock Band kit is an Alesis Ion kit with an Xbox module.

As far as where I stand, Rock Band does a few things very well and others poorly as a drum instructor.


1. The option to slow down sections of a song is available and it gives you a click track when it is slowed down.

2. It forces you to stay in time because the track doesn't slow down or speed up, You'll miss notes if you go out of time.

3. A lot of the songs are very challenging when it comes to coordnation, and for a lot of the coordination hurtles I've gone through for Rock Band are very useful.


1. There is only one pedal. Applying the hi hat is non existent in Rock Band unfortunately.

2. It can't, nor does it intend to teach proper technique (how to hit the drum or kick the pedals).

3. It does not reinforce a tension free play-style.

Overall, I think Rock Band is awesome as a video game and for having fun, but don't mistake the game as having the intention of replacing drum instructors.
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