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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Dont like:
Guinness or any other stout. Just too thick and heavy for me.
Budweiser. Seriously, you guys call that beer? I'm down with Millers and Coors and any other US beer I've tasted (which to be honest is not a hell of a lot)....but Bud is an abomination. Tastes like beer flavoured water to me.
Certain home brews by friends who shall remain nameless.
Anything lukewarm......honestly England, get with the program!!

Pretty much anything else......especially if it's someone else's shout.
I'm sure I'll always stumble across something that is not really to my tastes, but I can always finish it. It just may be time to change to something else for the next round. But all in all, I'm generally pretty happy just to have a long as it's ice cold.

Crown Lager
Stella Artois
Carlton Draught on tap at the pub.
I'm pretty much with you mate.Bud is crap and I still can't understand it's popularity.That may change.Since the InBev takeover,it seems they have changed the formula,and by doing so,lost some customers.

We have lots of micro and micro/micro breweries in the NY metropolitan area,who make serious brews.

One such place is the Gaslight restaurant and brewery in South Orange New Jersey.The brewery sits in the back of the restaurant and is enclosed by glass.The food is mostly German,with a little American food thrown in for patrons who don't know what a good Roladin or Jaegerschnitzel mit potato balls tastes like.Must be my German blood.They also won't serve Budweiser.:) If any of you are within an hour or two of the place,it's worth the trip,but bring a designated driver.There's no way you're having just one pint.

A Brief list.I prefer mostly darker lagers and ales
Gaslight black and tan and Octoberfest
Harps ale (for the Irish in ye laddy)
South Hampton ale
Brooklyn Lager
Corona(summer only with a lime)
Spaten Weiss Beer(summer only in a pilsner glass with a slice of lemon)
Yuengling (brewed in PA and the oldest brewery in the US)Black and tan,lager and porter.Although I prefer my beer cold,this stuff is so good,you can drink it warm.
Crown lager
Amsterdam (not that light crap)
Blue moon ale

Thats just a short list.There's a beer import store a few miles away that has over 500 different beers in bottle,can,mini kegs,kegs and on tap for you to buy in growlers(large capped bottles)

I don't know how many remember this but in NY City, you used to able to buy tap beer in white cardboard 1 quart tubes,similar to Chinese take out soup containers,for 1 dollar US.

So many beers ......not enough time.But I'm dedicated to the cause.:)

Steve B

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