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Default Finally Decided to post


I'm H.G. I'm 20, and have been playing drums for about 5 years. Pretty cliche way of introducing myself but not really sure of any other way to do it.

I originally started "playing drums" when Rock Band came out. I played drums from Rock Band 1 all the way to today on all the games and I checked the leaderboards one afternoon for kicks and my name was third on the Xbox worldwide learderbards and said to myself "maybe now is the time to get a real kit." I started practicing around one year ago with Mike Mangini's Rhythm Knowledge and have seen some incredible improvements in such a short time frame. The new found skills have helped me land two jobs with bands and I'm hoping to make playing drums a lifelong thing (maybe not full time but something to do on the side).

Other stuff besides drumming? I'v privately tutoring Math and Science since I started high school and my classmates were struggling with Algebra. It's fun thing to do to offset the cost of going to school (Sophmore at UConn currently) and my expensive drumming addiction.

That's about it, I'll post pictures and stuff in the proper forums soon.
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