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Default Dutch Pyrate finally joined this beautiful website.

Hi there all,

It took me several years, but I finally decided to join this wonderfull website. My name is Bart, also known as 'whizzi' on several forums and I'm Dutch (and proud to be ;) ).

Born in 1982, which makes me 30 at the moment I write this, and playing drums for 25 years (yes, I started when I was 5 years old on a very very very old chinese unknown brand sparkly kit).

Currently I play on a beautiful (custom) Lignum drums kit, cymbals are Sabian only and as soon as I got my Aquarian (Focus-X) series delivered, I'll replace everything with them.
Current line-up:

And an overall picture from a week ago (The temporary dimavery 16" crash is replaced already by a brand new Sabian AAX Omni 18" crash):

On the left you'll see a part of Remo Roto-toms and a stand with no less than 4 cowbells.. on the right there's an old bongo-set which is mostly out of tune...

Currently, my main band is called Pyrates! ( where the number of upcoming shows are growing almost daily. For 2013, there's a tour being planned for UK, Denmark and Germany and as always looking into opportunity to go to the USA and Russia (for some reasons, pirate style folk rock music is wanted in Russia).

Pyrates! looks something like this one stage:

Next to this, I'm playing in a 50s/60s Rock 'n Roll band called BoogieStompers and am regular asked to help out a musical because I can actually read and play the notes written on paper (plus, it pays pretty good).

You can find some live recordings of me on youtube, just click here for all Pyrates!-related videos or here if you like to see Rock 'n Roll legend Sleepy La Beef with me on the drums (2010 recording) or search for "The Rockin Kofferband" (=my previous band)

Between 2003 and 2006-ish I owned the biggest forum about drumming in the Netherlands (basically, the dutch version of ;) ) and being a long time fan of Weird Al Yankovic (and especially Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz) I'm running the biggest forum about Weird Al Yankovic ( since 2001.

So, in short ... that's me .. Questions, feel free to ask :)
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