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Default Re: If you were bankrupt, starving and cold, could YOU burn your kit to keep you alive?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
That's when you drop the A/C to 18C (64F) and shamelessly pull the doona (duvet for the rest of the world), up Pol!!
Jules, I just stayed up until around 2am when the change came through. I find having the aircon set at 26C works fine. I've never liked doonas. Grubby things ...

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
That is some seriously hot weather however you measure it. They just showed a huge dust cloud that took over a portion of Oz. I still remember hearing about some epic cyclone a couple years ago.

Yes Bon, it's the craziest storm front I've seen. Apparently the red is from desert dust.

And yep, Brisbane was flooded badly year ago.

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Or, why I continue to live here, despite the fact that the cost of living is driving me insane.
Ditto (eastern) Sydney with me. There's been some fierce heat this summer but the past few years have been mild summers in the eastern part of Sydney.


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