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Default Re: The Beer Thread

Here we go:

I used to live in Lancaster, which had a fantastic local brewery. All of their beers were fantastic: Lancaster Blonde, Red, Redder and Black. Black was my favourite - it was a little like Guinness but with a much heavier burnt malt taste. That was very nice indeed.

Other beers that come to mind are Timothy Taylor, Hobgoblin (their cider, Green Goblin is great), Abbott (and Abbott Reserve) and Doom Bar. I'm sure I could name around a dozen more if my memory were serving me better.

My preference tends to be for Stouts and Porters. Darker beer is generally my preference.

Lager-wise, San Miguel and Corona are fine. Leffe Blonde is nice but lagers and cold-fermenting beers in general are not my thing. I'm all about the old-fashioned warm-fermenting ales.
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