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Patriotism aside, I have to confess, the Belgians have everyone beat to a pulp here. Leffe blonde or brune for the hop heads amongst you. Twice the strength of most beers (that's about 3,000 x the strength of Budweiser or most other commercial American beers), but it's Leffe's balance of flavours that sets it apart from almost anything else on the planet. Beautiful stuff, but don't drink too much of it.

About the only close to drinkable commercial American beer I've found is Sam Adams, although most micro breweries come up with the occasional half reasonable brew.

As for you Oz guys sir Pocket, you chill the crap out of everything because you have no concept of ales, stouts, or bitters. You're limited to largers, & most of it is so acrid it needs chilling - badly. I'll tip my hat to you upsidedownies though, at least your larger's better than most of the US commercially branded fizzy piss ;)
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