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Default Re: The Beer Thread

Dont like:
Guinness or any other stout. Just too thick and heavy for me.
Budweiser. Seriously, you guys call that beer? I'm down with Millers and Coors and any other US beer I've tasted (which to be honest is not a hell of a lot)....but Bud is an abomination. Tastes like beer flavoured water to me.
Certain home brews by friends who shall remain nameless.
Anything lukewarm......honestly England, get with the program!!

Pretty much anything else......especially if it's someone else's shout.
I'm sure I'll always stumble across something that is not really to my tastes, but I can always finish it. It just may be time to change to something else for the next round. But all in all, I'm generally pretty happy just to have a long as it's ice cold.

Crown Lager
Stella Artois
Carlton Draught on tap at the pub.
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