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Default Re: If you were bankrupt, starving and cold, could YOU burn your kit to keep you alive?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
True Bon, they've added purple for temps over 50C. A few days ago was the hottest ever day around the country - the average temp for the nation that day was over 40C (104F) in the hottest week in our history. In my suburb it peaked at a touch over 42C (108F). It was still 34 (92) at midnight.

// end Polly's Sydney weather channel
That's pretty hot weather Grea, I hope you're coping with the heat....

... but Jojo, Travis and Joey reckon that this thread is even hotter, with heated topics such as starving, bankruptcy, fatherhood, single mothers, insects, fishes, mutants and destroying drums, not mentioning all the importance of beers related discussions.

Stop kidding around people, those are really SERIOUSLY HOT discussions!!!

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