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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the kind words and support as always….

To answer your question? All of the above. It's just a feeling I want behind the drums above all else really. They are not as high as you might think if you actually sat behind my kit. (Albeit much higher than most guys with 4 piece kits with their cymbals an inch over their two toms.) It's the physical feeling of hitting the cymbals is what intrinsically pleases me. Having my ride up where it is makes me feel like I'm switching gears while driving so to speak. While I'm still young enough to play this way, I choose to do so. One day age will make me change my set up. When that day comes it will be by necessity and not choice. It's how I visualize the kit when I'm not playing and just imagining--or air drumming to work something out. Everything is in it's right place. The separation between the tom mics and overheads is just a perk. So is the "look". Again, and first and foremost, it's how I want to feel the music and my motions while playing. Hope that answers that for you!

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