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Originally Posted by NerfLad View Post
Sierra Nevada is a Pale Ale mainstay. I wasn't sure if they were nationwide, though it seems that they are! I think I've only had their green label IPA, but I'm a fan. A similar but sweeter beer from Atlanta is Sweetwater 420. It's great with a meal. Has anyone tried that? I really need to have a Troegs! I've heard nothing but good things.
Yea Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (the green bottle) is probably the one gateway beer that got me into the good stuff ages ago. I've had Sweetwater 420 when I traveled for work down in SC, but I've never seen it up here (MD has HORRIBLE liquor laws so our selection isn't the greatest), i remember liking it a lot. Troegs is a PA brewery, not sure if they're nationwide.
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