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Great thread, I see this going well into the hundreds if not thousands of posts. :)

My personal beer preference depends on the day, my mood, what I'm eating and how much I plan to drink. I love trying new beers, too. If I had to pick one though, it would be a hefeweizen.

Two micro breweries here that really do a great job are Propeller and Garrison.

Propeller had a hefeweizen that was brewed with clove and banana (it tasted nothing like bananas, don't worry). For some ungodly reason, they decided to stop making it last summer...what I wouldn't give for a personal supply of that stuff...

Recently popular with Propeller has been a Double IPA, hoppy as hell and 9% if my brain remembers, big seller.

Fuo: Good choices on Chimay and Fin du Monde...nothing quite like getting a Fin in Montreal.
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