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Originally Posted by Bonham to the moon
exactly, same goes for Elvin. If you can show me some drumming that i would mistake for Bonham, then i'll shut up.
No, I really don't think you would. It's like you guys have some secret handshake or something.

All anybody was sayin' anyway was that Bonham stuff could be analyzed and imitated. So can Mel Lewis. So can alot of Gadd. It doesn't mean it's not great. And naw, Its not an opinion that Bonham's music can be imitated. It's fact. Every time I read that, you turn it into your own put down while at the same time, you acuse the other guy of sayin' how he disrespects you. Its nothing but your own code for saying "you're just not cool enough to get it.' Give me a break.

I think this is more about how too many Bonham fanatics don't seem to see the existence of ANY other great drummer. I mean you get great explanations of another viewpoint that even then still praises your guy, and all you ever say is "oh yeah" or "prove it to me." Duke and Finn explained it to you with perfect logic. If you disagree prove it to them man. This is a discussion forum, not religious conversion.

You know, I used to think how funny it was watchin' these guys like elvin4ever talkin' about the godlike qualities of Buddy Rich. But you know what I see? All those Rich fanatics are all over this forum talkin' like experts on the matters of all drummers not just Buddy Rich.

Look Bonham is great for sure. I love his playing too. But come on.
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