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Default Re: Cafo cover .... on piano !

Hey, very well done! That must have been quite som ework.
I'm not familiar with the orig. composition but your version seemed as if the piano was the instrument that tune was designed for. The piece lost me during the 2nd half though, it just sounded like another tune was starting (and I like the 1st half more) - that's not your fault ;-)

One general remark: It's always a good idea (and I highly advocate this) to create informative thread titles. So while some Animals For Leaders fans might exactly know what "Cafo" means... I didn't. I had to click, then see what that would be. So without further blah blah what I would _always_ do (if I had covers) would be something like:

"A - B cover" or "B - A cover", with A/B being the band/song - best with no abbreviations. Just my personal preference - makes life easier I think.

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