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Default Re: Buying a kit, budget is 2000$

You could do a Yamaha DTX 530 ($1099). It has a silicone snare and rubber toms, upgrade an additional cymbal for $169 (I believe) with the mounting hardware included. And if you want to upgrade future, you can add 3 more single zone pads by purchasing 3 splitters, buying some rubber pads (I think they are around $80 each with the mounting hardware).

Currently I'm running a DTX 535 (which Kraft Music isn't offering anymore) I'm running 5 toms and 4 cymbals with the use of splitters. And to boot, if you ever want to upgrade the kit in the future, all you need to do is buy the DTX700 module and your already setup with your current kit. (drum kit) (13 inch cymbal) (15 inch cymbal, great for a ride cymbal) (extra tom pads) (splitters for adding additional single zone pads, they are about 1/2 the price here than you will find anywhere else)

Think about it, Defender
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