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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

I played bass in the band I'm in, but we couldn't find a drummer we liked, so me and our singer went and bought a Peavey set from the 90s (Piece of shit, really), and I picked up the drums and our singer played bass. That was about a year ago and I have since upgraded to a Ludwig Club Date set, Blue Oyster Pearl. We have also found a bass player and are doing pretty good.

I like playing blues rock type stuff like The Black Keys, and garage rock type stuff like The Greenhornes, The White Stripes, and The Flat Duo Jets. Even indie stuff like The Strokes, Japanther, etc.

I'd say my inspirations are Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Patrick Carney, and Dave Grohl. Those are the main people I can think of.
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