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Originally Posted by pdp 9091
ya i probably have watched that dvd 4 million in my opinion i think he was at his greatest on the second dvd because he was more mature in his style of drumming- more controlled and even tamed (if that makes sense)....dont get me wrong bonzo was soooooo great on the first disc but i think as he got older and matured more from the 21 year old he was on the first disc to the 30 year old he was at Knebworth...he picked up more of controll with his fills/technique. Just take the fills in Kashmir for example....totaly amazing....but all in all....awesome dvd!

I kinda of like him when he was about 21 he was juest out there lol and he looked cooler as he began to grow older he started looking like a grizly lol. Though as years went by he began to have more control. And i still think his one of the greatest drummers of all time.
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