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Default Re: The Wheel of Time/A Memory of Light

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
Yes, I admit it, I have a fantasy/SF geek side.

The final book of the greatest fantasy series ever written came out today. I started reading this series in 1991. Over 21 years and I'm now finally on my way to the bookstore to pck up the book.

It will be bittersweet as a part of me has lived with these characters for over 2 decades.

If you liked Lord of the Rings, you owe it to yourself to read Robert Jordan. (There's a lot less walking in Jordan's books for one thing)
But there's a heck of a lot more braid-pulling, crossing of arms under the breasts, and sniffing than I can handle. Plus all of the "[Rand|Matt|Perrin] is better at talking to girls than me, thought [Perrin|Rand|Matt]". And the endless introduction of new storylines and characters, just when you thought Jordan was supposed to wrap things up in one more book, he was like "no, I think instead of 10 books like I said a few years ago, I'll write 12, no 13!!"

I slogged through more of that series than I care to admit, and gave up years ago.
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