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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Legalizing, regulating or banning drugs will change very little, it will still be around causing the same trouble, the same victims and the same deaths, and someone will still fill up their pockets with huge amount of money at the instance of others, unfortunately drugs will still be around, like guns, violence, murders, crimes, rapes alongside all these immoral subjects which are poisoning lives of millions of people around the globe.
Woah - what makes you think all "drug users" are the same? If someone takes prescription drugs for a mental conditon, are they are drug user? And in many cases they are different from day to day based on whether they took their meds., ate something that made their meds pass through slowly/quickly. Using cannabis as an example there are many who use it responsibly and thoughtfully. So responsibly that they never are arrested, lose a job,etc. And in some areas they grow their own, legally. Regulating cannabis would lower the price tremendously, stop virtually ALL the incoming trafficking, stop almost 1 million American's from being arrested for minor possession each year, generate tax revenue whilst reducing Court and enforcement costs dramatically. And stop labeling those people as criminals which REALLY ruins lives. //end of Rant//
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