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Default Re: Footwear?

Originally Posted by Nickropolis View Post
Did you have fun focusing on two words from my post and missing the rest?

I'm not trying to start a fight, just make sure you use your eyes before you jump on someone.
It's physical activity on your feet and legs, if your shoes (or feet) lack support or shock absorption then there will be an increased strain put on them through thousands of bass drum and hi hat pedal movements.
Considerably more than two words. An entire sentence and being as it was in the middle of the post and following the traditional 'thesis, explanation, conclusion' format then I think I addressed the thrust of your original post.

Quite simply, if shock absorption is already very contentious in high-impact activities such as running then what evidence do you have that using the pedals is higher-impact and thus requiring the need for shock-absorbing footwear?

I haven't jumped on anyone. I've simply provided an explanation as to why I think that 'shock-absorption' isn't a valid argument for requiring footwear. If you can't handle evidenced and succinct debate then that's hardly my fault.
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