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Default Re: If you were bankrupt, starving and cold, could YOU burn your kit to keep you alive?

Mission accomplished??? depends how you look at it.

The planet went through an apocalypse, through starvation, intense sub-freezing temperature, bankruptcy, Bobdadruma has burned all remaining drumkits on the planet that hasn't been thrown up from airplanes or sunk down into deep seas, except Todd who has eaten his own kit.

There's no food left either, even raw elephant, child sushi or powdered kangaroo pouch are not to be found anywhere.

There's no more children on the planet, the sub-standard beer fed free range children has been totally eaten by those in search for survival.

Those children who were not part of the scandalous Aussie "free range" scheme were hunted by some renegade riding a turgaroo and have also been eaten.

Once no children could be found on the planet, the deadly hunting team has killed and eaten all humans creatures in the world.

Mankind has disappeared from earth at the exception of boltzmann's brain which is floating in a bass drum's case somewhere in some unknown ocean.

No, the mission is not accomplished... it's has just begun, a new era, a new type of living species has arrived, and it's called ...turgroach's world!

Guess we all failed the Rorschach test!

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