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Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
Really? Why do you say that?

I am having ankle/knee/hip problems and my doctor said it was my flat shoes (I have high arches and so my ankles roll in). I was actually wondering if my intense weekend double bass practice was doing damage.

I wear socks at practice, or shoes when gigging/drum shopping.
Playing without proper shoes, that is. It might not be a cure but it will help.

It's physical activity on your feet and legs, if your shoes (or feet) lack support or shock absorption then there will be an increased strain put on them through thousands of bass drum and hi hat pedal movements.

Everyone's not the same obviously, and I'm no doctor (Watso...?) but there can be many issues and reasons behind those issues that cause physical pain or degradation.

Simply wearing shoes won't cure a sore knee if it's being torqued by your ankle, you need footwear with more arch and ankle support, and/or a regimen of ankle/calf strengthening exercises.
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