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Default Re: How does one actually begin to produce albums for sale as an indie label?

Originally Posted by NerfLad View Post

I thought you were trying to avoid this?.
Well, yes, but until I can get the time and space together for an official release I want to unofficially release some home-recorded style demo's to sell at some local shows or whatever, that's essentially what I was going to use the "Broke man's" copyright method I brought up.

As far as my bandmates stealing my music that shouldn't really be an issue, being as the main project I'm working on now is a solo project type thing and I've basically been writing and recording everything myself, however I will keep that in mind for some other band projects I have going on.

Anyways, thanks for all of the advice, I think with a little more research I'll have just about all the information I can get, without experience at least. Hopefully I'll have some music to sell with the near* future.
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