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Originally Posted by Donovan Rose View Post
I want to get an instructional book, and I am looking at "The Black Book" by Randy Black. but I am not sure if it is a book or just DVDs. Is it better to learn from a book than DVDs? Are DVDs dependable for studying? I personally like reading exercises written in notation but I am not sure how well DVDs can teach me. anyone here work well with DVDs?
I've reviewed that tutorial in this thread - see post #343.
DVDs vs. books - there's pros and cons to both forms. I think a combination of both is great - not meaning that you have to have the same tutorial both as DVD and book/PDF although this is an extremely nice package which does exist on the market. Recently some tutorials have been accompanied by the book version with the DVD published first (e.g. Todd Sucherman's 1st DVD, Benny Greb... and some more I'm not aware of).

Here's some feedback on Randy Black's tutorial:

Personally I have a lot of benefit from DVDs. They also get a lot of motivation across by just _watching_ those phenomenal drummers play or merely admiring their technique etc.
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