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Default Re: John Bonham
That's a guy doing Bonzo vibe very well who isn't even that well known. Plus he looks quite young! Check out Abe Laboriel- ANYTHING for a huge Bohnam influence.
I love how I throw the old reason bug into the debate, give reasons why it's easier to reproduce Bohnam than Elvin or Buddy and then you tell me "No, Bohnam R00LZ0R5 so no one can reproduce it. That video isn't a pure reproduction as I'm sure some would be capable of. One thing's for sure. It's a lot closer to Bohnam than anyone's come to Elvin. Except maybe Froman.
Once again, I'm in NO WAY disparaging John Bohnam- I love his drumming. I think his stuff is awesome. I think it's much, much easier to cop the feel than Elvin or Buddy. As is Tony Williams. Or Max Roach. I know where those guys are coming from. I don't know how Elvin came about. Or Buddy. No one knows! This doesn't necessarily make them better- that argument is stupid and I don't want to have it. It makes them much harder to authentically imitate than Bonzo. And imitating Bonzo takes years of study. Concentrated, hard study. But it can be done with the proper methodology and proof. There are a lot of guys who can sound like Bonham clones. Same thing goes for drummers like Gadd, Tony, Weckl, Max. Any of the drummers who have been academized and analyzed can be imitated. There are parts of Elvin Jones' drumming that we will most likely never understand. If anyone finds out the secret to his time playing, please let me know so I can pay you one million dollars for a lesson. Thank you.
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