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Default Re: How does one actually begin to produce albums for sale as an indie label?

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
Someone told me that if you post the songs on a website such as Youtube/Soundcloud you can protect yourself using those as a reference point, since they keep the dates of when your song/video was posted, no one could claim ownership because you have proof you owned it before they did. Which was essentially was what I planned on doing to protect sale of demo's.
Don't rely on an outside party. What if Soundcloud or Google went out of business and took their sites down (HA!)? Of course they're not going anywhere anytime soon, but a string that says "Uploaded Date" isn't close to enough. ISR codes are what you want.

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
released them unofficially
I thought you were trying to avoid this? If you're doing it under the table, you'll have to live with the fact that your options are substantially more limited when it comes to protecting your IP. Don't get involved with the wrong people and it isn't as much of an issue (your bandmates could be great, I'm just saying).

I have never put ISRC's on a record and I am not registered with a PRO. I'm sure it will happen but thus far the need has not arisen. I'm letting you know what your options are; ultimately it's your judgement that will decide if it's worth going through the trouble. My advice is this though: If you are serious about building a brand and a career around yourself and your music, it's worth it to start doing it the right way as early as possible (on the business end, I mean). This stuff is a lot easier to do on the front end than it is after the fact -- when you've forgotten dates, your ex-guitar player turned arch-nemesis demands partial writing credit, etc.
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