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Default Re: If you were bankrupt, starving and cold, could YOU burn your kit to keep you alive?

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
Everyone should keep in mind that when an Aussie says "free range children" that really only means that they get let out into a small outdoor pen for a few hours a day in order to satisfy government regulatory requirements. They don't care about their food stock children at all. The slop they get fed is a mixture of Fosters, vegemite, and powdered kangaroo pouch.
Not just in Australia. I hear that US "free range" children provide copious amounts of crackling when roasted - toasty and tasty but pure packaged diabetes!

It's true that some unscrupulous growers claim that their childstock is free range - by the time they open the barn the stock can't walk out due to too much Fosters in the feed.


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