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Default Re: How does one actually begin to produce albums for sale as an indie label?

Thanks for all of the responses, especially Drumeatdrum and Nerflad, I am glad to see that it is relatively easy to record/manufacture CD's as an indie band now, because I certainly didn't want to sign to any sort of label, being fully aware that practice is practically dead as it should be.

My one remaining question is if I were to release a few demo's using the equipment I have, being a 24 bit recorder, mic.s ect and released them unofficially at a small scale(say 400 copies and maybe a name your own price sale via the internet) would I be safe selling them on CD'Rs burned from my computer?

Someone told me that if you post the songs on a website such as Youtube/Soundcloud you can protect yourself using those as a reference point, since they keep the dates of when your song/video was posted, no one could claim ownership because you have proof you owned it before they did. Which was essentially was what I planned on doing to protect sale of demo's.
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