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Default Re: How does one actually begin to produce albums for sale as an indie label?

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
checked out CD Baby, that does indeed look like just about the greatest website ever known to man, but I guess if you really wanted to be "successful" in sales you will still have to pay for your own advertisements.

As for recording am I right in assuming you just rented out a local recording studio? or bought the equipment yourself?
I converted a garage into a studio, purchased Protools, a good computer, and some mics.
I recorded everything myself, then took the files to a professional mixer at his studio.

And yes, you have to do your own advertising if you want to be successful via CD baby.

On one hand, current technology is awesome because anyone can put out their own album without spending 5 or 6 figures. On the flip side, selling tracks online means you get cents per download.

I never expected to make money on that last album, because the point was to hit a small niche market. We had some pretty mind blowing success right out of the gate, but unfortunately, life got in the way of capitalizing on that success. So while I wasn't thinking of getting rich, I didn't quite expect to miss breaking even by such a large margin either, but what can ya do.
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