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Originally Posted by Symbolic
Hetfield did hurt his voice on the black album tour.

The excuse "they're not really metal any more" doesnt cover the fact he cant play their old songs. Thats is really just a horrible excuse.
Exactly! Regardless of their new style, they should still be able to perform their old music. Part of the reason Lars isn't as good is because he changed his setup, and his newer songs do not utilize double bass(with the exception of those St. Anger, but I hate that album, so eh) and the fills he used to do. Lars would probably be amazing right now if Metallica had picked up where ...And Justice For All left off. Think about it; he was getting faster and faster (I noticed it even while the were on tour for Justice), and a lot better while on tour. If the "Black" album had never been created, I expect we would have a much different opinion of Mr. Ulrich.

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