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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

Now if thats how Jordison relaxes around the home...then I am way off...but I doubt it.

...hence I see it as unfortunate.

I've come to believe that marketing in place of musical qualities has damaged the over all product...and the market...dancers pretending to be singers...showpeople with a modicum of musical ability.

In an ideal world I would have great affinity for the trappings around music...but one of my short comings is a depreciation for that which tries to cast an obscuring layer over the music...and thereby ends up dumbing down the listener...and, at best, limiting the listeners musical growth...all to make a sale the music itself does not deserve.

Peter Gabriel always provided quality in his music first...the makeup was never a lure...but more of a frame...something he began to see as detracting as the years passed and his experience grew...or so I interpret his discontinued use of it.
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