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Default Re: Poll: What is your genre and bass drum size?

I'm surprised I've never responded to this one (see, I can still surprise myself sometimes). Because I play a lot of styles (rock, jazz, funk & fusion) and because I've really never had the room to have more than one kit at a time, I've been going through a lot of kits the past few years, with multiple tom setups and bass drum sizes. But I've finally found a kit that I think works well for pretty much everything I play:

20x16 bass drum, along with a 12x8 tom and 14x14 & 16x16 floor toms.

I sort of based this on a kit I saw Stanton Moore playing once, which were all these same sizes except for an 18" bass drum. While I love the sound of 18's, I wanted something just a little larger to cover more bases (boy, that was a really bad pun).
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