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Well, I actually expected more positive feedback on Mike. And Ive never heard of DT "ripping off" other bands. Oh well, its what you like I guess. Ive always thought they were pretty original.
Mike can play fast, I have a video of them playing Metallica's Damage Inc. with some screeming "singer" dont know who it is. Anyway, Its definately faster than metallica played it, but Id put money on the fact that Larz cant play DT's stuff, and alot of the people here like Larz . But, I also know he cant play as fast as Panteras drummer. I used to be pretty fast, but as I started to play DT, I lost the speed, and replaced it with technical abitlity. Thats what I like. I like the sound of the double basses going full tilt, but to me its more about the odd beats. And that he is good at.
As for him(or them) ripping off Rush, I dont see it. JMO, but I think Mike is better than Peart. Peart is a percussionist, in that he plays some other percussion instruments, Mike is a drummer. I guess Peart is a much better musician, but Mike is a better drummer.
As for the rest of the band I think they are all just as talented, except the singer. They have excellent timing as a group, and do very well together.
Again what bands do these other drummers play for, i might listen to them a bit.
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