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Default Re: How does one actually begin to produce albums for sale as an indie label?

A. in the USA, copyright forms are pretty easy to obtain.

B. Really, it's about the person's ability more than the gear. That said,people with that ability tend to know it and charge a lot, and getting to that level of skill is a lot of work.

C. CD baby lets anyone who can make music put out an album. Through them, you can get physical CD sales, get on itunes, spotify, and 100 other sites I've never even heard of. One one hand, it's awesome. My last band is every where, on every site, and shows up in places I never knew existed.

The reality is, even with the band on itunes, and spotify and 1001 other legal download sites, every 3-6 months, that equals out about a $20 check. At this rate, I'll have covered the cost I spend on having a professional mix the album in about 80 years. LOL.
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