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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by Blackstone View Post
I made up enough valid points for why I needed a dw9000 and picked one up this weekend. I really do love it. I didn't have a problem with my 15 year old 5000, but was tired of moving that one back and forth from my ekit back over to my acoustics(just one of my valid points)The 9000 is better.

What's the difference in feel with the strap instead of chain?
I don't think it's the material of the connection, it's the eccentric cam that you use when you have a strap. I love it - my pedals really feel like they're slamming when I go for it. Having less weight (from a chain) seems to accentuate that feeling because you're moving less mass.
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