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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Tony Shing Siu Sze
Age? 17.5
How long have I been playing? 1.5 years
Origin of username? I created it myself by merging my last name and English name with extra "Z"s
My top 5 drummers? Benny Greb, Chad Szeliga, Marco Minnemann, Cobus Potgieter, Gavin Harrison
Make of drumkit? Roland vdrum TD-12KX (I wanna have a Sonor or Pearl acoustic kit and Meinl or Sabian cymbals)
Where do I practice? My Room or with my mates and friends
Am I in a band? Yes.
Do I play covers or originals? I play both. I post cover videos on Youtube. Usually I'm covering my favourite songs. Also, I create original musics with my friends.
What style of music? I play and listen to all kind of music. I love rock, metal, progressive and alternative the most, but I love Jazz, World, Rap, Classical, etc too. Listen to all kind of musics makes me play better.
What country do I live in? Hong Kong, China.
One really odd fact about myself? I usually say I'm not jealous of anything but I do jealous of somebody else. It makes me improve myself to be better.
How did I start drumming? I addicted to LINKIN PARK (STILL TODAY) when i was 15. Later on I explore to more Rock bands like Green Day, Muse, My Chemical Romance. It makes me wanna play instruments and create music. One day I saw LINKIN PARK's drummer, ROB BOURDON's drum solo on their song, BLEED IT OUT. His solo just attracted me to be drummer. I thought, 'Fuck Yea! I wanna play drums!). That's how I started.
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