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Default Behold.....

And they're done and ready!

Ludwig maple 6-ply from the late 70s. 16x26 bass drum, 9x13 rack tom, 16x16 and 16x18 floor toms. The snare (for now) is a Tama Rockstar 6.5x14. My cymbals are: 17" hats, 18" thin crash, 24" K Light Ride, and 20" K Custom Dark ride (as an explosive crash and second ride if necessary).

All the chrome was polished up, new heads all around. My hardware is Pearl with Tama pedals - although I do need a stand for my rack tome that will allow me to raise it a little higher.

This is a player's kit - but it sounds pretty good. Thanks to Harry Conway for the drums - I hope he likes what I did to them!

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