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Default Re: My favorite sticks

I've got used to playing with thick sticks (Vater 5B's, .605" thick), even I thought I wanted to buy thicker sticks (2B's or Virgil Donati's signature). I don't know why, but I like playing on 5B's better than 5A's, even on 210-230 bpm metal, I like the thick feel and the powerful impact on less energy (How on earth, my hands?). I used to experiment on thicker sticks, and so, I'm used to them. Although I do play progressive rock, some jazz, and fusion music, sometimes I tend to play metal songs, especially on technical death metal, but obviously it's just that however, they're a little too heavy to blast-beat quicker. And I'm not a big fan of 280 bpm music, though! So, 5B's are still my choice.

But anyway, I'm on the mood to play more jazz fusion, so I'm really craving for thinner sticks. But on the other side, my hands have this kind of medium-to-far reach, and I'm going to miss my 5B's, because habitually I'm used to playing with thick sticks. However, I'm going to leave this habit if possible, because I'll try to get used to playing jazz fusion music, just trying some new things, generally speaking. So, I'll try to find another ones. If it appeared that I can't find some, I'll stick with my Vic Firth Akira Jimbo sticks, since I lost some sticks a little thicker than Akira's, but thinner than my 5B's. Sad. My target, if available for a buy, is going to be some .570" - .580" thick sticks. I'm somewhat afraid if I get to break some .565" sticks or even thinner.
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