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Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
I'm trying to learn some new foot techniques but I have a question... I don't wear shoes indoors so i have never played drums with shoes. I've been drumming since i was seven and now I'm fourteen btw. But every one seems to use shoes? I can do doubles. one hit with my heal and one with my toe. but with shoes i cant because the shoes are to big...

So do i have to but on shoes every time i'm going to play drums to be able to get better and if I do what kind of shoes? Sometimes i play with a cheap copy of converse shoes but it don't feel good at all.

What footwear do you use? Have anyone tried different footwear? Do you use footwear? Do you use different footwear for different styles?
Youtube is littered with drummers who play barefoot, and in socks. I dislike this - I think it not only looks goofy, but I hate the feeling of a cold pedal on my feet.But whatever makes em' feel like they play better. As far as what shoes to wear, I really don't think there is a right and wrong. I wear all different types of shoes, sneakers like Adidas Superstars, Vans slip ons, and the very popular Chuck Taylors. It doesn't really effect my playing at all.

The only types of shoes I don't wear are the plain Jane tennis shoes, or running shoes as some call them. Anything that doesn't weigh your foot down is fine. If you're having difficulty playing bare foot, vs wearing shoes, then you just need to practice with shoes on.

In short, I don't think any footwear dominates another for drumming. Those drumming shoes that artists endorse, I tried em', and I think they are just a money making gimmic. I'd rather have sneakers any day
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