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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post

Speaking of talent, maybe these people make it because not only are they decent enough musicians, but they are talented in their ability to entertain a crowd.
Sadly, while I think hard work and being a good entertainer do contribute a huge percentage of fame lies in good fortune. I know musicians, drummers included, who have been at it for decades, who are good entertainers, good musicians, and very hard workers, and they can't get the recognition they deserve.

A band I play with has been at it for quite a while. A few months ago our bassist, a very talented gent, joined a second band. Well, this second band has become his main band. Know why? The lead singer of the band had friends in a big emo band and their record label. They just got signed, and are laying plans for a tour.
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