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Default Re: Need advice on an album release.

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
Okay so I run a private label mostly for my own recordings. I play lots of instruments - Bass, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Singing. I've been recording since 2001, and I have four albums out online and that I sell at shows, and am currently working on my fifth one.

My third album was a 2-disc set, 14 songs on each disc. I was blessed with that much material and still had about 10 songs left over that I didn't include on it because of time restraint. The album sold pretty well - at shows, online, at church, among friends of friends...I sold almost all the copies I ordered.

My fourth album was a single disc but didn't sell quite as well, that could be due to economy or whatever, but I digress.

So coming to the point of my thread... I have roughly 40 songs that are all fantastic imo, and the album is coming together very well. I'm looking at 2 discs again - but perhaps I could split it into two releases. However that is more expensive because I need two separate orders to fulfill it. We're talking twice as much probably. What I'm wondering is - although I don't have any pressure from the big wig labels, I am still concerned about overall listening pleasure.

I want the music on both discs to be heard and enjoyed. Are you, as a music listener, or musician, or person in general - likely to listen to a single disc album and enjoy it more, due to its short length? Or is it not an issue, where you could enjoy both a 1 disc or a 2 disc album equally? Would you tune out after the first disc and never listen to the second disc? Is it too exhausting with so many songs? Too much time? Or is it better for you to have that variety to listen to?

I could care less about how many copies are sold - I could sell the 2 disc'er for $10 for all I care...but I want the people who buy it to hear it out and enjoy it.

Serious responses only. Thanks!

I would pose that question to your fans. See what they might like. I chatted with Bruce Kulick at The Sessions in Seattle 2 months ago and he tried to go with the whole itunes/singles/EP route, but he found after polling his fans that they (for the most part) enjoyed full length CD's with great cover art (apparently he makes cool covers). So he does mostly CD's and offers some singles online/itunes as well as some vinyl. In the end it is your listeners driving sales. Good luck!
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