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Anybody who likes john bonham, or admires steve smith ... or practically any drummer who plays great thematic solos ... must also investigate and admire the man who really revolutionised the way the kit is played. mister roach was a musician who played the drums. he saw in the kit an instrument that had as much status as the sax or piano in jazz. he wanted to make a whole album with just drums - they wouldn't let him. but he was a determined man and so he was able to slip his legendary solos onto other people's albums.
the following clip is astonishing. recorded in the 60s it summarises his three most recognizeable solos:
- for big sid
- drums unlimited
- the drum also waltzs
note how he remains so relaxed and in command. his tiny drum kit speaks more than most multiple tom set ups ever get to say. max invented so many phrases in his life that we now take for granted. my personal opinion of him is simple: he was the most innovative drummer in history.

he could take just one voice and entertain for long periods of time. take mister hihat here:

his brushwork ... sigh:

you can see from these videos how much he inspired steve smith.

listen to the live version of moby dick - john bonham pays tribute to max by starting with the drum also waltzs (1:04 here:

to find out more please visit:

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