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Default Re: Chris "Daddy" Dave

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Check this out

His work with the Robert Glasper Experiment is revolutionary from a drumming standpoint (IMO), he incorporates the interesting and influential feel of produced hip hop beats into his Jazz and RnB playing, particularly that of legendary hip hop producer J-Dilla who unfortunately passed away in 2006. One of the things he does is play with the snare drum way on top of the beat but the hi hats behind while at the same time playing in between straight and swung.

He's pretty awesome
He and Robert Glasper are arguably the central figures in transforming modern jazz. Its interesting to me because they have distinct hip hop backgrounds and have successfully merged jazz influenced hip hop elements with modern jazz scene. Chris Dave's drumming is revolutionary on both ends because he doesn't yield to the idea that the drummer is primarily a background component in live music.

Right along with Jojo he's showing that the drummer CAN be the centerpiece.
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