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On 7/11/05 our own Bernhard posted on a thread about why he was a big Ringo fan.

Lots of pro drummers LOVE the way he plays,and are huge fans.The list is long ,and the players on it are monster drummers.

Greg Bissonette,Steve Gadd,Vinny C,Neil Peart,Lenny White just to name a few who posess skills beyond most players.

I think some of you shlould give it a read.His skills are much better than Mediocre.He has played as a studio drummer on plenty of other artists albums,including Peter Frampton and John Lennons first solo album.

That's why when people bring up the Lennon remark about not even being the best drummer in the Beatles I really kind of laugh at the "argument from ignorance"

That's an actual term used in forensic debate,and not an insult,before somebodys wheels come off their wagon..

Steve B

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