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Default Re: What Heads For Yamaha Musashi 12x6 Snare?

Originally Posted by jodgey4 View Post
The Remo Vintage A is two plies 5&7, just like the Aquarian Super-2. The only difference being the quality of the latter :). I have played both, and the Vintage A seemed very stiff and dead. The Super-2 is a killer choice for getting the best out of one and two ply heads, I use them on all my tom batters, and the coating is still looking great. Throw one of those in the mix if you can.
The coating is starting to wear on my Vintage A (it's been on there since March and it's had a hard life) so I obviously love the quality of the Remo head but I know they are sometimes inconsistent; even though I've never had a problem personally in ten years.

The next time I change the heads on my kit, I'm seriously thinking about going all-Aquarian. The Modern Vintage series are right up my street on the toms (thanks again, Andy - good call) and my only concern was finding a comparable snare head. Although I'm not too fussed about everything matching (I do like my toms to match, mind) the Super 2 looks like a good option.

Thanks for that. Good call.
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